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KIBA Remodeling employs professional Tile Setters who have the expertise and know- how to properly install high quality residential tiling installations. Our Tile Setters properly and accurately plan, fully measure for layout and correctly install tiles for floor tiling, bathroom tiling and kitchen backsplash tiling so, in the end, the completed installation looks as it should...PERFECT!! KIBA Remodeling believes in offering all of our customers highly trained and knowledgeable, professional Tile Setters who focus on a detailed and perfectly installed new tile installation. Our Tile Setters work with many different types of tile. Travertine tile, granite tile, marble tile, porcelain, mosaic tiles, glazed tiles, slate slabs, flagstone, tumble stone, stone tiles, glass tile, bricks and stone veneer products.


There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to revive the look of your home. We have the knowledge, skills, attention to detail and passion to get all of your painting projects done efficiently and effectively. KIBA Remodeling understands how important your home is to you. As your paint professional, we promise to meet all of your needs and expectations. We always keep what is best for our customers in mind. Our painting services will bring out your property’s internal and external beauty! One of the key aspects of our job is to ensure that you understand every aspect of our painting services process. Before we even lay a brush stroke against your wall, we will go through, step by step, all of the painting procedures with you.


Once you have completed your dream project, it is now time to give it the spotlight that attracts the attention it deserves. In any building, home, office, commercial spot, entertainment arena or even conference halls, it is imperative to have appropriate lighting and electrical infrastructure to highlight its purpose and magnificence at the same time. Our services include installation, maintenance, modification of all kinds of electric gadgets and lighting systems, electrical equipment provision as well as service advancement no matter how big or small your project is.


Our experience and skill can guarantee a highest level of craftsmanship and quality of work. We are here to give your home a unique look and style at a competitive price within a reasonable time frame. We believe that a real professional should be dedicated to his own trade of choice and be the best at what he does. That is why we at KIBA Remodeling specialize in interior trim installations and can deliver the best quality of work and material available on the market right now.


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